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1965 Karmann Ghia cabriolet, perfect restored, super nice!!

Karmann Ghia

Ed, the second owner of this beauty was from the Fresno California area. For those of You not familiar with California Fresno is deep inland, and has a super dry climate, maybe we should say extremely dry!

Ed drove this car for a mere 30 years… from 1970 till about 2000…. He just loved it, and after his use it was sold on to Ed, yes another Ed… Ed had wild plans but never came to it and so the car was sold on to Jimmy from Santa Barbara California… oh yes!  Jimmy had wild plans too, but he made them come through!

Jimmy restored this little gem in the early 2000’s and being a buffer, he went all the line to make it as perfect as You can imagine… Jimmy’s buddy was so impressed he had to have that car and bought it from Jimmy, brought it home to Oregon and… hardly never drove it….

A couple of years ago Jimmy’s friend family situation changed and the car had to go… Jimmy bought it back in a blink of his eye… brought it back to Santa Barbara, parked it next to his Notchback and Type 34. Just enjoyed having it, but never really drove it, only maintained it.

Jimmy is a VW guy, a real VW guy, and a friend of da BBT house… so last California trip I had lunch with Jimmy and he told me he had plans to “maybe” sell the Ghia. Oh yeah? Cool, I want it… Jimmy being the buffer started with “yes but… maybe …  I’m not sure yet…” and so on…. from there I save the details of many telephone conversations, emails and talks… but we ended up with the car… Jimmy is cool, but sometimes hard to handle, this will cost him…. at least another lunch….:)

So what can we say? This car is close to perfection, runs, drives, is serviced and all ready to go, this is top, this is an extra ordinary super nice restored car and if that is your thing, You can only buy this one. We saw many Ghia’s and this is one of the better ones, believe me! 

Sitting nicely in his Seablue paint looking to you! It urgently wants a new home, wants people who care about and especially this baby hunkers to drive, it is not used for way to long now and beautiful as she is this baby wants to exercise, take you and your girlfriend to romantic places, to beautiful places and to adventurous places…

And if you drive her far enough who knows she want to give You that magic “I can see paradise by the dashboard lights” feeling… really… she told me! She’s desperate and ready to go…. Wowh I can hardly resist, do you?

Contact us right now, we’re here for any more information and even better for a good test drive (if you’re serious at least) this baby just tick all the Ghia boxes on your wishlist!

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