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1965 Karmann Ghia Coupe out of 42 years single ownership!

Karmann Ghia

When your Father is a submarine engineer in California and only love German stuff I think it’s pretty normal You should drive a Karmann Ghia being his daughter…..:)

The lady kept her first car for no less as 42 years in her position and drove it for 27 years as her daily driver! Dad took care for services and repairs….Not bad huh… the car was sitting in her garden since 2001. Unused, till we bought it….

We only cleaned the mess out of it, made it a little presentable and started it up, hey the engine ran without any problem. What is a problem to this car is that the wire loom is bad, please preview to replace. This baby needs new electricity.

The body is ok, a few small spots that might can use some attention but in general very cool and solid as pictures will show You…

If you’re after a cool Ghia Coupe wits some works to do this might be it… it’s a cool car with a cool story and is desperately looking for a new home, with somebody that cares for it….

Don’t delay, don’t let it slip away and contact us today!

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