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1965 Karmann Ghia coupe super easy project!

Karmann Ghia

For sure it needs work, but there's no real rust, no place! All we could find was a little on the battery box and a very small strip on the right front fender, more than likely from rubbing the tires. The rest of this body AND chassis or dry as a bone.

The shape of the body reveals a dessert life, all lifelong! Rock solid and dry as a bone... This is by far the best You can find them, we're very happy we came across this one and put our hands on it right away, literally, as I was less as three hours from the plane when I bought this car. Thanks to my friend Loren.

The body is really the highlight for this car. Look how dry underneath, all You can see is surface rust... don't we like them this way? yammie...Also the rockers are all original and rust free. And the corners under the rear seat are rustfree as well, the entire car is really rustfree!

Inside the car is cool too. Or in other words how cool is an early Ghia dash? The 911 steering wheel is a cool touch too but miss the horn button. The seats are the original and pretty hard to find early Ghia seats original from the car and only needs new upholstery.

Previous owner told us the engine ran, but its standing for so long we think a serious service might be better first before firing it up.

What a beast! So happy we did find this good Ghia for You! Nothing beats a small tail light Ghia, not hacked or messed up, just a pure "used" car... Thanks to dry California for providing this car to us!

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