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1968 Mrs.Perfect Patina; An unbelievable nice faded Ghia.

Karmann Ghia

This is real Perfect Patina, this patina sister has it all, rock solid body and pan with a nicely faded and aged original paint job! Nothing You can duplicate, this is unique!

Body and pan are all original, the body had some dents when we got it so we tried to take these out as good as we could, and we succeeded!

This baby was checked completely and thoroughly by our team, we did brakes, electrics, swapped the front axle, put new tires etc, the car rolls as a new one. The car is currently registered and insured and we drive it  regularly. Only the engine sounds and feels kind a tired, although we drove it back and forth to Switzerland and a couple of local events without any problems. We can’t guarantee that one… maybe You like a BIG engine, or maybe You want it back stock? Choices are open, if You like we can help or provide at cost and this jewel of the past do drive meanwhile!

If You fancy the perfect patina, this is your change, they don’t come any better believe me!

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