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1970 A real solid and cool Ghia coupe

Karmann Ghia

Cool car, solid and straight… very good nose, very complete.

A perfect candidate for your next project…
Empi style 8 spoke wheels are a nice bonus!
Nice complete dash… interior is all complete seat wise etc… in a very 70’s custom style…:)
The car sat for a while, a couple of years at least, engine turn freely, but we didn’t fire up yet… seller claimed it was running, but I would suggest an oil change, plugs and points first…
Underneath this baby look way better as the average…:) Nose is real good, also on inside… No rust around the headlights, this is a dry car!
The only real damage, (seller claimed this of a blown tyre once long time ago)…is on the left rear fender… doesn’t look good, but not too bad neither… I saw them worse!
The bumpers are coming along… check the pictures…

Did we trigger your interest in this perfect project? Well we can tell you we really priced it to sell in the ever raising Ghia market… and supply out of USA is drying up big time! so we’re very very happy with this one…
For all further information please feel free to contact someone of our sales team.

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