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1970 Karmann Ghia convertible easy project

Karmann Ghia

Sunshine yellow Ghia that sat in a Californian back yard for too long. It came from the factory in the rather less seen L50E Albert Blue. It must be a stunning car to restore it back to factory specs.

This is absolutely not a bad car at all, body is fairly straight and besides the floorplates (typical) and some weaker spots at the rockers the rust demons didn’t do their things yet. We like dry bodies on Ghia’s and this is not an exception.

We’ve been pleased with the overall shape, this baby is fairly complete. Hood frame, engine, dashboard it’s all there and complete. Please check the pictures carefully, they will reveal a lot of information to you. We’re happy we could save this baby out of a back yard anno 2019 and we really hope we do find a good new and caring owner for it, as this baby deserve a new cozy home.

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