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1971 Karman Ghia convertible, in primer, almost ready for paint!

Karmann Ghia

This baby is half way its restauration. And we must admit the work executed is well done. As far as we could see there absolutely no welding anymore. Battery trays, floorplates, all is just hard and solid. Just a little more finishing of the body and this baby is ready for paint.. There’s a lot of parts included, nothing missing from the important or specific parts. The car is more or less complete.

Actually calculating the whole lot this is what we call a bargain, dirty cheap, a lot of value for your money but more cars are coming in so this has to go. Your gain!

Check out the pictures carefully, discover how good this baby really is and contact us now, don’t wait, because at this price this baby will not be standing long time!

Grab that change!

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