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1971 Superdriver Karmann Ghia Coupe, very dry!

Karmann Ghia

Not many cars fire right up after their trek over the Atlantic ocean, but this one did, at first turn at the key it said Vroeeem! That means a lot in many ways, but for sure that’s a reliable car, and will always fire up when you ask her too… the rest of the mechanics are ok too, the engine is very strong, brakes are just fine, tranny shifts like the butter and knife story and electrics are sorted very well, everything seems to work!

The body on this beauty is hard, very hard and dry… got a couple of small bubbles on the rockers right behind the doors, if they’re worth mentioning, as they sound way more worse as they are.  But as You judge a horse by the teeth, a Ghia can only be judged by the inside of the nose… and this nose is to die for! 9 out of 10 Ghia’s have a bad nose, bad to really bad to horrible! Well this brave one has a nose out of those rare good 10%, check yourself on the pictures! Wowh I was blown from my socks when I first saw this nose from the inside… so virgin!!

The floorplates should be replaced if You really want to make it something. They’re not real bad, but… We just tell you like it is.  We can replace them for You, after purchase, therefore we made two prices on this car, one with a full service and replacement of floorplates all ready to rock and Roll and one just take away “as is”…. Your choice, we can discuss all and everything…

Let the price not scare You off, as we bought this baby real well we priced below market value, a lot of Ghia for little money! Grab your change! Contact us for more information.

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