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1972 stunning Karmann Ghia Convertible, the ultimate underdog!

Karmann Ghia


BBT’s longtime friend and customer Jef bought this crazy cool Ghia in 1992 and started the body off restoration immediately. NOS nose, new floorpans, new spare wheel well, You name it, Jef did it! In the art of the rules. But Jef went further as that.

This car is made when real parts where still available. Five original Porsche 911 Fuchs wheels. 911 Porsche front disc brakes, with big diameter wheel cylinders and wider brake shoes in the back.

Inside came seats from a Porsche 924 with other details. Jef choose a cool brownish style of leather, interior was made in 1993/1994. The car sits real comfortable and the interior helps to make it a real cool cruiser.

But the real heart of this car is the engine compartment, started out with a 2.4liter Type 4 engine, Jef was able to score a brand new zero miles 2.7liter Type 4 made by one of Belgium’s finest for somebody that, by the time the engine was finished, quite the VW hobby, everything had to go… that was 2003 and Jef stepped up and bought the engine at the spot! The engine was properly build with a full detailed Porsche cooling system, with an original Porsche fan (offcourse) and coupled on his Freeway flyer gearbox supplies a very healthy 171 HP @ 6000rpm with no less as 200NM of torque… guess that’s what we call a real total overpowered super bomb!

This is an older restoration that’s been rarely driven, as Jef has more cars and never know what car to choose so mainly drive his daily car or his bicycle. Since Jef mounted the 2.7l engine he drove it barely 1600km. The only reason he selling it.

This is real cool opportunity to buy a real rare beast, a real underdog and a perfect cruiser. If originality is not the most important for You, this is absolutely the Karmann Ghia to have!

Priced to sell, don’t wait and give us a call, this car will be the best decision in your life!


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