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1974 Karmann Ghia Convertible, cheap project, needs welding.

Karmann Ghia

This baby came to us in a lot with other cars. Not the car we would buy and sell normally. So we didn’t calculate a lot of money for this one and priced her really cheap to sell quick. The asking price is actually far below the sum of the parts on the car. If it don’t sell we will give her a second life as parts donor.

Is she that bad I hear You asking? Well hell no, not at all, off course she needs floor plates, rockers and corners, but all fenders and doors are very good usable as is… Some metal repair parts are come along with the car to get you started.

Mechanical wised the car is as good as complete, engine should turn, but we recommend a complete overhaul before try and start up one and another.

Interior is complete for the largest part and the hood frame comes along, even including the glass rear window.

We pictured every angle from below and above for your evaluation. The pictures show You the real condition of the car so it’s easy to decide this project is an easy enough one for you. Get that welding torches out and turn this baby back in to what it belong to be; a Queen of the road!

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