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1964 356 “C” COUPE


This Porsche 356 is a C model with  1600cc engine, built by Karmann on April 28, 1964. Its serial number is 218284. This car was delivered in 1964 to the Mac-Han dealer in Waltham, Massachusetts, USA.

It was bought by last owner in Toronto, Ontario (Canada) in 2013 from Restoration Design Inc. Since then it went through complete restoration of the vehicle. Full picture file of the restoration available.

The car has been completely dismantled from both a mechanical and a bodywork point of view. New front and rear floors were installed as well as the longitudinals and battery compartment.

Subsequently, the Coupe was repainted to an original color of 356 C, namely Irish Green by bodywork professionals.

The engine, the transaxle and the steering components have been rebuilt to new. The front and rear suspension with Koni shock absorbers and the ATE brake system are both new,  four (4) new discs and four (4) calipers rebuilt.

The wiring harness is original with a new 6 volt battery. The instruments were rebuilt by North Hollywood, California.

The interior is in brown leatherette from Auto International, California. The seat structure was rebuilt and the new upholstery installed in Germany by Autosattlerei Erker, a professional in the field (Rainer Bookemeier). The carpets are new (German Weave) and also come from Auto International.

The car has four (4) Fuchs wheels (Komfort option) with new Vredestein Sprint Classic 165HR14 tires. A special Sebring exhaust system has been installed as well as a 100% oil filtration system (Precision Matters) including a cartridge for oil changes. In addition, it has the option of locking the shifter of the gearbox.

Its original steering wheel is equipped with a chrome circle called "Deluxe Chrome Ring" for the horn.

The Kardex Porsche is included in the sale. And reading above its maybe just too much perhaps, but this car is a kiss of sunshine to drive!

Ready to Rock and Roll! Are you?

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