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1967 Porsche 912 cool project with or without engine


This Porsche 912 lost its engine long time ago, 1987 to be precisely and the car stands ever since. This baby is all complete and untouched, just sitting since that bad day in the eighties when somebody took the engine out to “rebuild”, something that never happened. The engine got lost, nobody knows where it went. More than likely in different pieces to machine shops and never been brought back together. Who will tell… The car became in the hands of another person, who would mount another engine “one day”… that never happened. That guy became old now and realized it was time to let it go as he will never get to it, and there we came in the picture…

The original color of this car is Irish green. A very striking color for a 912.

As said inside and around the car is all complete, all gauges, seats etc. Outside there’s still the 4 original Fuchs wheels, a fortune on its own. But also all bumpers, lights, trim, this baby is just so complete, only with its engine missing, that’s it…

We let cut a new key on the key code and this key fits all ignition and door locks….

The body from this cutie is very good, we could find three weak spots; floor plate under diver side has an hole, the strengthening around the front tow eyelet needs attention and the battery tray needs some repair to make it perfect. None of these three places are very serious, all three can be easily repaired. We tried to capture as good as we could on camera, so watch all pictures carefully!

All in all it’s a dry car coming from the state of Nevada, more dry you can’t get…

We do have an all rebuild and test driven 912 engine available as well. One of our customers used to build this for his Ghia… this engine can be bought separately if wanted. There’s a possibility… but maybe You just want to build in a super-hot VW engine to make this baby go real fast? Options and choices we leave to You. We keep the car here for You, don’t let it slip away.

Do not hesitate to contact us for any further information, we’re here to help you out!

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