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1970 Porsche 911S Burgundy


Grant your self that cool factor in life… Porsche 356 was always connected to James Dean, but the early 911 and especially the « S » models will be for once and for always been linked to the King of Cool, Steve McQueen. Grant that feeling to yourself as an award and be cool , so cool as Steve McQueen, this immaculate 1970 Porsche 911S can be the right start!

1970 is one of the greatest year for Porsche : that very year, the Coupe 911S is winning the Monte Carlo Rally for the third time in a row and also gets the title of the World Rally Championship. 

In 1970, the production of Coupe was 1,744 and #1136 was produced in the middle of the year.  Most of these 911S cars have in fact disappeared with time (wrecked, race cars, modified, part donor cars or just rusted away). 

In 2016, the Early 911S Registry listed only 144 Coupés 911S 1970.

We have this particular car in consigment sale from a very nice gentleman, who’s updating his  Porsche collection. This is a long time Porschist, not one of the later type investment type a guys being around Porsches lately for the money. No, this guy plays around Porsches for many years and build up a nice collection with a lot of knowledge and especially passion for the German brand « aus Zuffenhausen ».

The gentlemen owner bought the car in February 2013 from a Porsche enthusiast living near Montreal in Canada.  Previously, this car had been purchased with a bad engine from a family living near Sutton (province of Quebec, Canada) who had this car from new to the best of our knowledge.

When the current owner found the car, it was under a cover and stored in a heated garage for over ten years.  The body had been sandblasted and kept its original floor pan.  It was well protected by an extensive Ziebart treatment. 

The interior was untouched and a rebuilt engine had been reinstalled. 

Indeed when the car was bought, the seller had already replaced the broken original engine (# 6301 579)  with a period correct one ( # 6301 635) and exactly also an „S“ also from 1970 production year, the closest You can get. Unfortunately, the original engine was lost. This car is not matching numbers, its close and correct and not false stamped wannabee as most out there lately. This is a real car, with a real history! You can make up your mind what‘s really important to you now….

A full restoration of the car took the current owner 3 years.  A complete and meticulous restoration has been done.  A lot of care was taken to keep the maximum of original parts which had been cleaned or rebuilt.  Current owner insisted I should mention that.

Otherwise, parts were replaced by Porsche or OEM approved. Remember the curent gentlemen owner is a real Porschist, not a cheap & quick reproduction parts type a guy…

The body itself was restored from bare metal with appropriate welding, finished without any plastic or bondo, No fillers, except led, as it should, also where You can’t see this car was handled with the necessary love and affection!

After that it was painted in its original colour of Burgundy as per the Certificate of Authenticity (COA). Off course there is many pictures available from the restoration!

The undercarriage has been manually stripped to steel, primed and undercoated to factory specifications. 

The interior has been manually stripped and totally restored:  door panels, carpets, headliner, dashboard, dashcover,  instruments, gauges and the seats were reupholstered with Houndstooth black/white/burgundy centers with hinges rechromed.

The restoration has been done  respecting the COA (certificate of authencity), an official Porsche document) including all the options  and especially the Komfort Equipment such as:  leather covered steering wheel, gold « Porsche » and 911S scripts, aluminium door sills, wide rubber mouldings on bumpers and below doors, chrome rocker panels, velour carpeting and so forth.

After the complete rebuilt the engine has been checked and tuned-up by a 911 MFI specialist in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.  The dynamometer registered 196,3 hp at 6,700 rpm and 159,6 ft/pounds of torque at 5,400rpm. That’s equal to 216.38 Newtonmeters for us Metric fools…:-)

This baby flies, once drive You will understand why an „S“ model is double price from an E or an T model lately, they simply drive so much better! This 911 is a real toy, a joy to drive, this is exactly how you want a Porsche to handle and behave….

All the suspension,  steering components,  transaxle,  brakes,  oil lines and cooler, and electricals have been rebuilt or replaced by new ones.  All chrome was replated when needed, new rubber seals installed and new Michelin tires on five « deep six » Fuchs. 

The original tool kit, the jack and the spare tire are under the hood, and the owner’s manual in its cover is in the glove box compartment.  Two (2) new batteries were bought and fitted.

This car looks like dream, drives like a dream, feels like a dream, handles like a dream and is more than likely nothing more then a dream for most of You, except, this time YOU can be the difference, You can play that active rol in this story and make that dream come true! When You pick up the phone, drop us that line, or send as an email right away… this car can be yours, and we grant you the privelege to make that real dream become real reality, the reality of your own world! We, @, are standing above tyhe dreams, we make dreams come true, daily, and for over 30 years now!

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