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1971 VW 411 Variant, good body with super strong mechanics!


It must have been ages since we had the top of the Volkswagen line from the past. The VW 411 was everything except a “Volkswagen” in the pure definition of the word. What makes it was a commercial disaster and numbers very disappointing for the Volkswagen group. It was a far cry from the simple beetle where nothing could go wrong. The 411 was a sophisticated car, playing around, with the for back then, newest technologies…

All this makes a VW411 rather a rare Volkswagen to today standards. They never been beloved too much, most been bought for their engines at the end of their careers, the bodies simply scrapped afterwards.

So when I was hunting some buses down very high North at the West Coast of the USA it wasn’t that far from the Canadian border I found this beauty in the shop from a Volkswagen mechanic. He used this baby kind a like his daily driver and made a super strong 2.0liter engine for it.

After going around and checking it out I simply could see how solid this baby is, actually a real cool and good car. There is really zero rust on the whole thing, ages since I saw a 411 good as this one! That together with the fact of the super strong mechanics we agreed a price and the deal was done… this cool 411 break started its journey back to Belgium.

When the container with this honeybee arrived it fired right up and we literally drove it out. We can’t do that with any car, believe me, 6 weeks on the oceans is a looong time for something to go wrong, only the best survive as they say…

Front seats have cheap sheepskin covers, it’s the only thing from this whole car that might need immediate attention. We do have access to a set of original black cloth front seats that we can sell with the car for a small premium if you like, or You can let re upholster these original seats, seat covers for the 411 are never made unfortunately…

We cleaned it, played it and offer it here for sale now, the whole BBT crew likes it, maybe You like it too? It’s different for sure!

If you’re interested to buy a Volkswagen which offer almost the space of a VW Bus but at a fraction of the cost, you better contact us now. This baby is very low priced for the quality it offers and we only have one….

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