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Atlamatic, Fully functional VW powered Forklift.


Maybe it’s my quest for space that decided me to put up my Atlamatic forklift with its aircooled VW engine for sale.

Must be made in the early sixties and must have been kind a revolutionary back then… Made by the company Atlas Industriewagen G.m.b.h a company still a world leader today in cranes and special industry equipment, Made in Germany, off course.

The engineers from Atlas had the bright idea to couple the very easy going air cooled VW engine back then to a Hydro automatic transmission, and the transmission not as much to shift for speed, but especially to shift easy to front and reverse. And they made the controls with the pedals… two pedals one goes front, the other one goes back… so easy to drive, and even more easy to operate, the operator had his hands free from shifting to operate the lifter handles and steering wheel…. A real nice invention!

This particular Atlamatic is Type 10 and VIN 321 the exact year of construction is rather unknown.

This Atlamatic forklift is powered by an aircooled industrial VW engine 1200cc with 34DIN hp (that’s 40 Hp Sae for our American friends) and is fully operational, as You can see in the little movie…

A pretty unique and “out of the box” VW utility… will fit in any VW collection, will be the talk of the town and will be handy at sometimes too as You really can work this thing!

Wherever you life, don’t worry we ship worldwide, and we do have tons of references… Contact us today for more informations….

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