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For sale: 1950 Tempo Matador, very nicely restored.


After the second world war the demand for light trucks grew very fast because working class  and small business found out that a light truck could get the job done way faster as a donkey or the horse. Vidal & Son was one company who responded to that question of the market.

Vidal mainly produced a three wheelin light truck with front wheel drive in several forms in large quantities. But the demand for a real 4 wheel light truck grew and Vidal listened to his customer base and brought the 1 ton Tempo Matador in 1949 on the German market… an instant hit.

It is (and was) the only commercial built aircooled vehicle in Europe that got components (engine etc.) officially supplied from the Volkswagen Wolfsburg factory, while not distributed through the VW network!

This makes it very different from Karmann and Hebmuller from the one side as they got official supply as well but always been distributed by the Volkswagen dealer network. While coachbuilders like Rometsch, Dannenhauer, Denzel etc. never ever got any official supply from the Volkswagen factory.

 It was only in late 1952 with the launch of the VW pick up when the VW factory stopped the supplies so Tempo had to switch to other, unfortunately not as reliable, engines as Heinkel two stroke and later to Austin.

Vidal & son build 1362 Tempo Matadors with Volkswagen engines from 1949 till 1952. Only a “handful” remain today worldwide.

Same time with the engine swap the headlights were redesigned to a lower place ... So only the "high-headlight” Tempo's are "VW" Tempo's. With the 25HP Volkswagen engine placed in the front right under your seat  and front wheel traction definitely a revelation for their time ...

Tempo became Hanomag in the late sixties, what was bought by Mercedes light trucks in the seventies. What a story!

This truck was found neglected in Uruguay and was chased down picked up and restored by a man who’s love for Tempo’s is larger as all other Tempo lovers on planet earth together I ever met! Other projects unfortunately force this sale…

The engine is now a 1600cc single port, the transmission is still the fully crash gear box.

When people ask me, I always tell a Tempo Matador is very noisy (because the engine is right under your buttocks) and not fast neither… top speed is about 70km/hr. But there’s no light truck boosting out more charm as the Tempo Matador, it’s eyes continuously asking your attention…

This truck is a real cool car, its clean, and its ready to go, most things work, and it got a lot of original parts… and the good thing is, it’s cheaper as several of the unrestored Tempo matadors we ever sold!

Tempo Matadors are on the top of the Volkswagen collectors lists therefore a certain price level became standard in the past years! But price and quality is definitely right here. I would even say, it’s kind of a bargain!

Look at the pictures… if You build a VW collection with commercial vehicles, Tempo is for sure part of it and every serious Volkswagen collection should have one!!

Contact us today for more information, details and pricing, or come by for a test drive, we’re glad to fire it up and drive it around if you’re serious…


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