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1966 Patina Queen Fastback

Type 3

The queen of patina, a title not every car deserve! But this incredible nice faded L650 Granada red fastback bear this title with all pride and joy!

Volkswagen started the production of their Type 3 series in 1960 with the notchback and the squareback, in 1965 they added the “fastback” with its sleek looking coupe lines. This is only a second year of the production of this infamous good looking model. People that do know me for a long time knows that I always had a very week heart for type 3’s, as I drove a notchback as a daily driver when I started BBT. When I saw this king of cool patina queen for the first time my heartbeat raised up immediately…. Love at first sight…

Rock solid, spend its whole life in the desserts of the Californian inland. The only rust behind and under the rear back seat, due to a long time storage with a broken rear window.  Nothing bad, but we thought we had to mention. We replaced the rear window and the car can be perfectly driven “as is” but if You ever want to repair, this baby comes with a complete rear end section as a donor for the repair needed.

New brakes and new tires are mounted on the car as part of the “wake up” program, the engine runs, the car drives…. But as always we do recommend a full service before taking this awesome patina baby to the public roads.

If you’re after a real head turner and an ubercool patina Type 3 don’t hesitate and contact us today… We priced this “fast”back to sell “fast”…. We like to see it go to a good new home, and a new owner that understand what this nice patina queen is all about!


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