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1970 Type 3 Squareback, MINT!

Type 3

May 26 in 1970 was a real important day for Mr Hermetz, who lived with his family in Couloisy, a small town about an hour north of Paris in France. This day he took possession of his brand new car, his very first brand new car! Not that he or his wife had a driver’s license yet, but the oldest daughter had a driver’s license already so she would be able to drive the Hermetz family (mom, dad and 6 children) around.

Although once the car was in the home garage it only took weeks for Mr Hermetz to get his license as it was impossible to him to hand out the car to the daughter. It was his car, and he should be the only one to drive it, for the rest of his life… Even later, when the children grew up and children in law enrichened the family, they weren’t authorized to go in the garage where the square back “slept”.

“Sleeping”, that’s what the beautiful white square back did. Under its own private blankets! Always nicely parked in the garage under the house. Mr Hermetz only drove the car when it was dry, never in the rain and absolutely not in snow or ice! When weather didn’t allow to drive the car he drove his bike or Solex scooter to work. He didn’t mind to get wet as long has his beloved car stayed warm and dry!

One story was very particular. As Mr Hermetz drove the car to work on a cold but sunny winter day he was trapped by snow… by the time he left the factory there was a light layer of about 1cm of white powder all over his baby. This upset Mr Hermetz a lot, he drove home right away, didn’t take dinner… took the hairdryer and blew and dried his beloved baby until deep in the night until he knew it was all dry, extreme dry!

And so when Mr Hermetz sadly passed away a while ago, the 6 children had a lot of respect for the car and didn’t know what to do… until they came across the name of BBT and they called if we could be interested in the car of their fanatic but deep beloved father, you bet!

A couple of weeks later I took personally the car out of the garage where it always slept, what a beauty!

First owner, original paint, super condition, zero rust, zero rot, zero cancer, pure, loads of history, mechanical perfectly sound, drives like a new car, turnkey reference car, plug and play, everything original, mint condition, looks like new and smell as new as well, showroom condition, unique opportunity! Sorry I can’t come up with more superlatives right now, but every one named is a 100% match!

Ever dreamed of a real collectable? Do You want an investment grade “A” car? A real showroom condition car from 1970 with a  marvelous drooling history and outstanding reputation? Don’t delay and contact us today, this can be yours…

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