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1972 Late model Type 3 squareback with good bones from California.

Type 3

This baby was found on the outer skirts of Salinas California, the place where almost all the roman lettuce is grown to make the Cesar salads immense popular as starter in the US.

Just sitting in the back yard, collecting dust and suffer sunburn from Californian hot and dry summers… We had collect an other car in the same yard and saw this one sitting.

It was pretty fast clear to us we found a good car. No rust on rockers, spare wheel well, fenders or inner fenders tells already a lot about a late model Type 3!

Only repair on the floor needed is around the battery area, there’s some holes, more than likely from battery juice…. Also the outside of the bulge covering the fresh air system in the front trunk has some rust repair to do. But that’s it….

All the rest of the car is really super dry, we loved it at first sight because Type 3’s solid as this one becomes hens teeth rare… rockers, fenders, inner fenders, spare wheel well, it’s all hard metal, dry as a bone!

Inside the car has all seats, rear seat need a new cover, front seats can be used as is… door panels and carpets are missing what give You a good view on all metal right away! Dashboard is all complete and comes with a trip speedo, always a cool option.

Mechanical wise this honeybee is all complete with engine, transmission and complete front axle. The engine spins freely but we didn’t fire it up or tested compression yet.

We sell this baby outright “as is” to dampen the price… off course we can let it run, make it nice, or restore it completely to whatever of your wishes after the purchase… we can perform all work on cost of parts and labor to keep it fair for both of us. Or You can take it home like it is. Your choice….:)

 It is a good car. Wish we had such cars to start from when we played a lot of Type 3’s like 35 years ago…. History….:) But today you can make this history come true!

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